june, 2021

21jun2:10 PM3:30 PMWorkshop 2: Positively Design your Career & Life by Lisette van de Sandt

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How small experiments and positive collaboration help you to positively shape your life and career

Whereas jobs for life used to be widespread, new life designs are waiting for you to take advantage! In this interactive workshop, you experience how you can shape your career in a more positive and fulfilling way and design your future. During this interactive online workshop, we’ll dive deep into the worlds of positive psychology and design thinking. You’ll discover how positivity sparks change and gets you going. And we won’t tell you, but you’ll experience it yourself in a number of positive experiments. Questions like: ‘what do I value in life?’, ‘what meaningful work do I enjoy’ and ‘what alternative careers could I lead?’ start our journey of exploration. Instead of analysing everything in great detail, you will learn how to carry out small experiments to get new insights and take decisions. So, get ready for some interactive experiments and discussions that connect you to the other participants!

As a follow-up you’ll have access to the Positive Experiments platform | organisational science turned into fun practice to continue your journey of experimentation for another month. Fun and easy-to-try out weekly 2–5-minute Positive Experiment videos up your positivity and guide you on your career & life design journey.

Maximum number of participants is 100.


Speakers during this session

  • Lisette van de Sandt

    Lisette van de Sandt

    Lisette van de Sandt (MSc) is an entrepreneur and people-oriented change manager at medium-sized and large organisations. She speaks, facilitates and trains internationally on positive (self-)leadership and positive change in her uniquely interactive and energising way. Her motto: be positive about what works today, and optimistic about what you could do better tomorrow. Visit her websites: www.lisettevandesandt.com and www.positiveexperiments.com to find out more. Or connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisettevandesandt/

    URL https://www.lisettevandesandt.com/


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